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Sandbridge Homeowner Information


Maximizing Your Income

The moment your tenants enter our front door, everything is in place to ensure that they enjoy a carefree beach vacation. Each guest is immediately greeted by one of our agents and provided with everything needed for their time in Sandbridge: keys, directions, check-in information and a welcome package. Your tenants are soon out the door and onto a unique Sandbridge vacation. Efficient, streamlined check-in and check-out procedures help to keep your guests happy and returning year after year to maximize your income. To further enhance your property's profitability, we have designed three specific programs: Weekly, Off-Season and Monthly Winter Rentals. These programs help visitors quickly find the accommodations they desire while providing helpful advice and knowledgeable, friendly service.

Commission Rates

While other property management companies may charge more, we offer competitive commission rates on houses and condominiums. Please call or come in to see us about our fantastic management services and rates.

Minimizing Your Expenses

As with any investment, you want to minimize your expenses while maximizing your income. At Sandbridge Realty, we excel at reducing your expenses, especially with our housekeeping and maintenance services. Our Guest Services supervisory staff consists of a team of knowledgeable employees dedicated to providing you and your guests with exceptional service. We also contract house cleaners and inspectors and arrange subcontractors to do the best possible job for the most reasonable price.


Our Online Reservations Make It Easy! With over 50 million people booking their vacations online annually, it is essential to have a strong internet presence in today's market. Our website offers descriptions and detailed photographs of your property to prospective tenants. It also provides helpful information about our area, attractions, activities and so much more. It is easy for guests to decide on your property and book online. Once they do, our agents will process the booking immediately and call them promptly to confirm the reservation and qualify the guest. Our Early Reservation Policy Is Free! Unlike most property management firms, we do not charge prospective tenants a fee to make a reservation. Our Early Reservation Policy involves sending a contract in early September for an advance rent request. Prospective tenants have 24 hours to make first payment and final payment is due 45 days prior to arrival.


One of the most important facets of our property management program is our professional marketing program. Through dynamic marketing and advertising, our team attracts more vacationers and their dollars to our coastal village and your property. Our proven marketing program includes online marketing and advertising, print advertisements, targeted television advertisements, direct mail and our award-winning full-color home catalog.

Our Online Marketing Reaches More Eyes

Our highly effective, user friendly website entices visitors to visit Sandbridge, explore our beaches, and relax in a beautiful cottage. Our IT experts have designed to appear quickly on the top search engine hit lists. We are also doubling our online exposure with a second website at This increases targeted exposure of our area and your property. A website is only as good as the information it contains, so we work especially hard to keep all information up to date with current rental availability and posted online specials. In addition to our two websites, we also advertise online on various websites through the use of banner ads, hot links and listings.

Our Print Marketing Hits Your Targets

At Sandbridge Realty, we design all of our print marketing to be attention grabbing and compelling. The cornerstone of our print marketing campaign is our full-color, award-winning home catalog listing all of our properties. This glossy publication showcases your home with clean, concise descriptions and exciting visuals. It also provides vacationers with detailed information on everything to see and do in our coastal village as well the Hampton Roads area. Throughout the year we produce and distribute direct mail pieces inviting vacationers to visit our website and order our home brochure. Our print advertising efforts are coordinated to coincide with ads placed by the City of Virginia Beach throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and up and down the East Coast. We effectively extend our reach and attract more vacationers from Richmond, Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Clear Concise Accounting

As with any investment, you want careful, detailed accounting on your investment property. At Sandbridge Realty, that's exactly what we deliver. Our company was founded on three pillars: honesty, integrity and trust. Our accounting department handles and tracks all financial concerns for your investment property. They prepare and issue monthly statements that include complete income and expense reports along with the check for your proceeds. Because we look upon our relationship with you as a marriage of trust, we make sure we include the original receipt for any work performed on your home. We also provide you with a copy of every rental contract, including the guests name and address. Some of our owners like to send repeat visitors notes of appreciation and Christmas cards, forging lasting friendships over the years. In addition, our accounting department prepares end-of-the-year reports (1099's) for tax purposes, Posts rental receipts to guests accounts and maintains rental status, Manages accounts payable and receivable, Maintains the payment schedule for those handling your property (staff, maintenance contractors, cleaners and inspectors).

A Rewarding Decision

Sandbridge Realty rewards you with an experienced team of professionals dedicated to properly marketing, renting and maintaining your investment. We accomplish this through the Sandbridge Realty Property Management Program. This system was designed with investment property owners like yourself in mind. It is constantly evaluated and refined in an effort to increase your profits and reduce your expenses. As we work together, you'll immediately enjoy a different kind of professional relationship. It is one where you are treated as a client and a neighbor. We look out for your home as if it were our own. This is the "Sandbridge Realty Difference." It looks past the figures and profits to the owners and their ambitions. We understand that your Sandbridge property isn't just an investment, but a vehicle to realize your dreams. This philosophy coupled with our personal touch extends to you and your tenants. We want our guests to continue enjoying your property and our coastal village for years to come. When you want more than just a business relationship with your property management team, call us at Sandbridge Realty (757) 426-6262. We love our coastal village and appreciate the opportunity to treat your home like our own.

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