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Surf & Adventure has teamed up with Sandbridge Realty to provide discounts on fun tour packages you can take advantage of while on vacation. Whether you want to take a bike excursion to False Cape, glide through the ocean with dolphins, or learn how to Stand Up Paddle or Surf, our experienced tour guides and quality equipment rentals ensure your tour ends with a lifelong memory. All tours and lessons are 2 hours. Perfect for families or individuals!


Back Bay Guided Paddle (SUP or Kayak)

Enjoy a guided tour of the beautiful Back Bay. Paddle the glassy, flat water, take in the scenery and enjoy the wildlife. Explore the unique ecosystem of Back Bay and its resident species of birds, reptiles, mammals, and vegetation. Tours launch from the boat dock directly behind Surf & Adventure at 577 Sandbridge Rd.


Back Bay Kayak Tour

False Cape Biking Exploration

Meet at Little Island Park at the south end of Sandbridge and prepare to let your adventurous spirit soar - or pedal. Explore the unique, primitive setting of False Cape State Park. This is one of our area’s best natural treasures.

Interior Trail Tour (Mountain Bike) $44/person
Beach Tour (Fat Tire Bike) $52/person

False Cape Biking Exploration

Ocean Guided Kayak Tour

Enjoy the spectacular display of sea life and views of our pristine beaches, while learning about the Atlantic’s winds, waves, tides and currents. (Ages 12+)


Ocean Guided Kayak Tour

Surf’s Up

There’s something that draws us to the ocean. While it’s amazing to sit along the shore and relax in the sun, there is a curiosity and a desire to be in the water. Imagine being out just past the sandbar on your board, feeling the pulse of the Atlantic. The wave you’ve been eyeing begins rising out of the ocean. You paddle, pop to your feet, and experience the closes thing to walking on water. You feel the rush as the wave sends your board soaring across the water’s surface. You are free. You are surfing. Book your surf lesson with one of Surf & Adventure’s passionate, expert surf instructors.

Group Surf Lesson $52/person

Surf's Up