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Vacasa Now Offering Extended Stays in Virginia Beach


You asked and we responded. Vacasa is now offering both short-term rentals and extended stays for the homes we manage in Virginia Beach. Extended stays are bookings from 30 nights up to 89 nights, which allow guests to break out of their day-to-day lives to experience a vacation home for a longer getaway.

What this means for you is: lower turnover, more vacation memories for guests, the potential for more revenue, and greater peace of mind knowing your home is running on auto-pilot—all without compromising Vacasa’s high standards of care.

As a Vacasa homeowner, you have the option to open your home to extended stays or to opt-out of the program. As you carefully consider your options, we’ve provided answers to many commonly asked questions as we roll out this program. Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us at [email protected] and we’re happy to help.

Vacasa Extended Stays FAQ

Why is Vacasa offering extended stays in Virginia Beach? 

We entered the Virginia Beach market in 2022 and as we’ve gotten to know the vacation rental landscape and heard from our new homeowners, offering extended stays is necessary to maximize annual revenue for this portfolio.

Why is there an 89 night limit?

Because of the way Vacasa is licensed in Virginia, we can only offer stays up to 89 nights. 

Can guests book more than 89 nights if it’s two separate reservations?

If the home is available, and a guest wishes to book more than 89 nights, they may create a back-to-back booking for the additional nights. For these types of reservations, we recommend calling our Guest Experience team at 800.544.0300.

Will Vacasa discount the nightly rate in order to secure these types of bookings? 

Nightly rates will fluctuate based on length of stay, but rest assured that all reservations are priced to generate the highest annual revenue for your home. 

What if I need to access my home for maintenance or a repair during an extended stay? 

We’re happy to work with guests to accommodate any maintenance needs or repairs that may need to happen during their stay. Of course, if these tasks can be scheduled outside of guest stays, that is always appreciated.

How will Vacasa ensure that my home is cared for during an extended stay? 

Our local teams will stay in close communication with guests during extended stays to ensure no issues arise. If you would like us to schedule a mid-stay inspection, we are happy to do so. To schedule, please contact [email protected]

What if a guest who books an extended stay at my home refuses to leave? 

In our 12+ years as a leader in vacation rental management, we have had very few instances where we’ve had to evict a guest during either a short-term or extended stay. In the extremely unlikely event that a guest refuses to leave following their scheduled check-out, we will work with local authorities to remove the guest.

What if I sell my home during an extended stay? 

As with all short-term stays, we ask that you honor any reservations that are on the books, or we can work with the new owner to transition those stays to their calendar if they are planning to use the home as a vacation rental.

Can I accept extended stays for certain portions of the year? 

Unfortunately, we are unable to change the status of your home based on season. However, if you opt out of offering extended stays, and decide later that you would like to opt in, we can facilitate that for you. 

Can I opt out of extended stays? 

Yes, the choice is yours. If you do not want guests in your home for 30 days or longer, we can opt you out of the program.