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Sandbridge is a community unlike any other. Often referred to as “The Outer Banks of Virginia”, located in southern Virginia Beach, we are surrounded by water on both sides; The Atlantic Ocean to the East, and beautiful expansive Back Bay to the west. The aerials below will help you see just how close you are to both. Use the arrows at the bottom of the photos to view the collection!

Sandbridge to the South
Approximate 2430 block - 2344 block Sandfiddler Road, North End (L-R)
Approximate 3600 Block - 3500 Block Sandfiddler Road and Seascape Road
Sandbridge Station, Dunes Condos, and 2500 Block of Sandfiddler Road
Sandbridge to the South
Back Bay end of Tuna Lane
Seaside Condos, S Turns
Approximate 3252 Block of Sandfiddler Road
Approximate 3300 Block of Sandfiddler Road looking North
Approximate 3100 Block Sandfiddler Road
Approximate 2920 Block to 2844 Block Sandfiddler Road (L-R)
Approximate 2816 Block to 2768 Block Sandfiddler Road (L-R)
The Dunes Condos
2300 Block Sandpiper Road, North End
Approximate 2400 Block to 2300 Block of Sandfiddler Road, North End, (L-R)
Expansive Back Bay