I Want to Show You Something... A Day Trip Outside of Sandbridge! (Part 1)
Posted by Jasmine Ambrosio | Friday, October 18, 2019

Sandbridge is so beautiful and peaceful, and while there are plenty of activities to do right here in the neighborhood, it is always refreshing to take a little day trip during your vacation! Today's day trip is just a 10 minute drive over to our next door neighbor, Pungo. This makes for a super flexible day trip that you could make an entire day out of, or just spend a few hours out and then head back to the beach for some more relaxation.

I recommend starting your day at Bee & the Biscuit (pictured above)! They have such a wide range of amazing breakfast & lunch options, as well as some fantastic latte flavors. I would be sure to order the Cinnamon Toast Crunch latte (pictured above, left)... because, let's be real, everyone loves Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Their biscuits are also to-die-for, which is a given considering the word biscuit is in their name. Bee & the Biscuit is open year round Tuesday-Sunday 7am-2pm! ***TIP*** Fall and winter are the best seasons to visit due to shorter wait times. However, if you go during the summer, it is totally worth the wait!

Next stop, The Military Aviation Museum!

Located in the heart of Pungo (1341 Princess Anne Road Virginia Beach, VA 23457), The Military Aviation Museum is home to one of the largest private collections of WWI & WWII era military aircraft in the world. Many of the planes in their fleet are still flight worthy and can be seen flying around the museum/surrounding Pungo area for demonstrations. If you're up for it, you can also schedule an aircraft ride! The flight season runs from April 6-October 27, and the rides range from $175-$375 depending on the aircraft type and length of flight.

This is a self-guided museum, but there are plenty of activities for the whole family! They have 4 hangars, a fighter factory, and the Goxhill Tower that make up the aircraft showcase. The museum can also be rented out as a venue for weddings and other special events! They host several events of their own as well; some of which include classic auto shows and several walks & runs to benefit different causes.

If you are traveling with the kids, be sure to check out "Jurassic Park", which is located near the entrance to the museum off of Princess Anne Road. The kids will be able to solve a dinosaur puzzle and claim a prize at the end of the visit!

Our final stop on today's day trip: Blue Pete's!

I hope you're hungry after all that walking at the museum because it's time for a delicious dinner! Blue Pete's is somewhat of a hidden gem in Virginia Beach because it is off the beaten path, but those who visit will definitely keep returning. The restaurant is right on the bay with gorgeous views that complement the amazing food just perfectly. There is surely something on their menu for everyone, but seafood is the main event around here. This is truly the best spot for dinner in Pungo to end your mini day trip away from Sandbridge!

Now it's time to head back to the beach for some rest & relaxation. Stay tuned for our next day trip outside of Sandbridge, coming soon!

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I Want to Show You Something... Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge!
Posted by Jasmine Ambrosio | Monday, September 2, 2019

If there is one activity in Sandbridge that will NEVER get old, and is always fun for everyone in the group, it is visiting Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge! With eight miles of scenic trails for visitors to enjoy, you can easily spend hours upon hours in this beautiful refuge.

Back Bay NWR was established in 1938 as a 4,589 acre refuge, and since 1988, it has grown to a whopping 9,250 acres! The habitats include beach, dunes, woodlands, agricultural fields, and freshwater marshes. This provides so many homes for all of the wildlife imaginable!

Approximately 10,000 water fowl will visit the refuge during the fall migration, with the largest number of them arriving in December and January. Snow geese and a variety of ducks are the most common of them to be seen. And let's be real, ducks are adorable.

While most people travel solo or with a few people, group educational opportunities are also available as long as it is scheduled in advance with the visitor center office. The visitor center is open from 8am-4pm Tuesday-Friday and 9am-4pm on the weekends. They are closed on Sundays between Labor Day and Memorial Day, as well as all holidays other than Memorial Day, July Fourth, and Labor Day. Outdoor facilities are open daily from dawn to dusk. Trust me; while this place is gorgeous at all times of the day, you must experience the refuge while the sun is setting over Back Bay (just be sure to start heading outafter getting that perfect photo as the refuge does close at dusk). My lovely friend Haley (IG: @hales4ca) was able to send me a sunset photo since I haven't been able to make it down there recently! So. Much. Beauty.

There is a fee to enter the refuge between April 1st and October 31st. A single-vehicle day pass is $5.00, a hiker/biker day pass is $2.00, and any other specific types of vehicle/group charges can be found athttps://www.fws.gov/refuge/Back_Bay/visit/permits.html. Eighty percent of the money collected goes directly back into Back Bay NWR, and the remaining twenty percent is distributed to other stations that do not have a fee program in place so that they are able to make improvements as well. National passes associated with FLREA (Federal Lands Recreational Enhancement Act) are also sold and accepted here. Yay for convenience!

There are just a few more things to keep in mind before visiting Back Bay NWR. Sadly, but understandably, pets are not permitted in the refuge at any time during the year. Swimming, sunbathing, and surfing are not allowed. Fishing can only be done in designated areas, as long as the fisherman has the appropriate license (freshwater license for fishing in the bay areas & saltwater license for fishing in the ocean). Small boats and canoes that can be hand-carried to the bay's edge are permitted - there isn't a boat launch available for larger boats anywhere in the refuge. Canoeing and kayaking are the most fun in the bay anyways! They also don't scare all of the bay critters like a larger boat would, which is a plus in my book!

While we have only been talking about the bay side of the refuge, the beach side is great as well! When walking along the paths between the large sand mounds and dunes, I honestly feel like I am in another world, perhaps in a galaxy far, far away...

Throughout the years that I have been coming down here, the pathway to the beach portion of the refuge was old wood that was a bit questionable in my opinion. I was pleasantly surprised to see that much of the wood has been replaced with new wood, and most of it now has Mobi-Mat coverage to spare our feet and help preserve the pathway! I will admit that it isn't the most aesthetically pleasing thing in the world, but it is definitely there for the better (and it adds a nice pop of color - sofancy).

Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is located at the south end of Sandbridge (about 4 miles from the light at Sandbridge Road). If you are staying at The Sanctuary or in one of our south-end homes (anything south of the 3500 block), it would be such a fun bike trip down to the refuge! If you are feeling super adventurous, you could definitely bike down there from any of our homes (just be aware that the distance from the north end (2200 block) to the refuge is 5 miles). It is also a short drive from any of our vacation homes in Sandbridge!

Just do yourself a favor and take a trip to Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge while you're staying with us in Sandbridge! Seriously... It's amazing at any time of the year and each experience is different from the last! Trust me on this.

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Photos/Story:Jasmine Ambrosio (IG: @jasmineambrosio | @sandbridgerealty)

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I Want to Show You Something...Local Produce & Seafood in the Area!
Posted by Jasmine Ambrosio | Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Half the fun of a vacation is getting to "do as the locals do", and what better way to do that than to shop for locally harvested produce and freshly caught seafood? While there aren't any produce stands or shops right in Sandbridge, there are several on the way into Sandbridge and in Pungo (which is Sandbridge's very close next door neighbor).

Pungo is the "countryside" of Virginia Beach that stretches for miles and is home to multiple farms and other local businesses. Many of the restaurants in the city of Virginia Beach (not just in the Sandbridge area) use the produce from these farms to create their seasonal dishes.

Let's start with Cullipher Farm! This awesome spot is located about 5.3 miles from our office in Sandbridge.

Their fruits & veggies are to-die-for, and they are surrounded by so much Pungo beauty! Summertime is the best time around here when the flowers are in full bloom and the trees are at their greenest.

I couldn't let myself leave without a jar of their strawberry preserves, which is something you can take home to enjoy as well!

https://cullipherfarm.com/| 757.721.7456

Next stop: The Flip Flop Farmer!

This business has two locations close to Sandbridge! Their stand is off of New Bridge Road (2.9 miles from our office on Sandbridge Rd) & has a great selection of fruits and vegetables.

Their store location is at 1166 Culver Lane (6.4 miles from our office), and also has tons of produce as well as sandwich spreads, plants for sale, and more!

https://www.facebook.com/Flip-Flop-Farmer-203045989735075| 757.355.0422

Next on our list is Cromwell's!

Cromwell's Produce is located at 3116 New Bridge Road (3.1 miles from our office), and they are surrounded by so much farmland, it is absolutely beautiful.

The family and staff at Cromwell's are all so friendly and helpful! Not only do they sell their produce at their New Bridge Road location, but they supply some of Virginia Beach's awesome restaurants such as Red Head Bay Cafe, Commune, Esoteric, and more.

https://www.facebook.com/cromwellsproduce/| 757.721.6226

Now off to Baybreeze Farms!

If you have ever been to Sandbridge Beach, you have driven by Baybreeze Farms. They are located at 1136 Sandbridge Road (1.3 miles from our office). This farm stand has all of the fruits and veggies you will need while you're staying with us, plus more! They sell produce, Virginia peanuts, spreads, plants, home decor, & knick-knacks. I definitely snagged a bag of the VA peanuts...

They also have a great photo-op during the spring and summer months while their flower field is in full bloom! You know the kids will want to get all of those shots for Instagram!


We're at the beach, so we obviously have to talk about the local seafood next!

Our first seafood stop is Bonney & Son's! Their store is located on Indian River Road about 4.7 miles from our office. They have a killer selection of crabs to choose from for the perfect seafood dinner with your family.

https://www.facebook.com/PungoCrabBoss/| 757.721.5999

The last stop on our list (but certainly not the least) is Belanga's!

They are located at 897 Sandbridge Road, which is conveniently just down the street from our office (0.8 miles)! I was able to meet one of the gentlemen that owns the family-operated seafood business, and he was so friendly and informative!

They have a large variety of seafood to choose from and their products vary depending on the season. Even if you do not end up purchasing anything, the gentlemen that run the business are such a joy to talk to that it is definitely worth a trip!

http://belangas.com/| 757.426.2908

To sum it all up: the mom and pop produce shops are where it's at when vacationing with us here in Sandbridge!

https://www.sandbridge.com| 757.426.6262 | 1.800.933.4800

Written By: Jasmine Ambrosio

Photos By: Jasmine Ambrosio (IG: @jasmineambrosio)

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I Want to Show You Something... Beach Gear from Ocean Rentals!
Posted by Jasmine Ambrosio | Wednesday, July 24, 2019

A beach vacation always sounds like the most relaxing type of vacation where you can be completely care free and just soak up the sun and float in the ocean... Until you realize you have to pack for a week-long trip to the beach!

It can be such a challenge to decide what to bring with you, especially for those traveling hundreds of miles with a large group. It would be nice just to pack a small bag with some bathing suits, clothes for when you aren't at the beach, and the necessary toiletries. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case for an out-of-town beach vacation...

Don't forget your beach chairs, umbrellas, body boards, surf boards, SUP boards, kayaks, bikes, and a wagon to lug all of those items down to the beach! These are obviously not small, easy-to-pack items that will fit effortlessly with the luggage along with the beach toys, groceries, and grandpa; all of which have already filled up the free space in the minivan.

Oh boy, do we have a solution for you! Ocean Rentals/Surf & Adventure has you covered with any sort of beach equipment you might need on your vacation.

Beach chairs?




Body boards, surf boards, paddle boards, & kayaks?

Check. Check. Check.

They even rent out large-wheeled wagons to transport everything down to the beach with ease!

And don't forget to rent bikes for some trips to the Sandbridge Market, Baja Restaurant, Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge and everywhere in between!

The best part? Ocean Rentals will deliver all of these items to any of our Sandbridge Realty rental homes & condos for you!

Make your next vacation with us as relaxing as possible by renting all of your beach equipment from Ocean Rentals!

Sandbridge Realty:

https://www.sandbridge.com| 757.426.6262 / 1.800.933.4800

Home Pictured: "Quiet Time" at 2628 Sandfiddler Road

Ocean Rentals/Surf and Adventure:

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Haley Forcier (www.sandbridgestudios.com | Instagram: @hales4ca) & Jasmine Ambrosio (Instagram: @jasmineambrosio)

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I Want to Show You Something... Breakfast at Baja Coffee Co.!
Posted by Jasmine Ambrosio | Thursday, July 11, 2019

One of the biggest things I look forward to when going on vacation is where I am going to eat. I know I am not alone when I say that (all of you foodies can definitely back me up). I will do research on some of the best restaurants in the are and study the menu until I decide what I want to order when I get there (even though hald the time I change my mind once I arrive...).

If you are staying with us in Sandbridge, one of the restaurants you will come across when doing your food research is Baja. Most people know this as a Sandbridge staple for amazing seafood dinners, cocktails, and some of the best sunsets in the area, but it is also an awesome breakfast spot and coffee shop! This versatile restaurant is Baja Coffee Co. by day, and Baja Restaurant by night.

***Baja Coffee Co. is open Tuesday-Sunday 6:30am-11:30am, and Baja Restaurant is open Tuesday-Thursday 5pm-Close & Friday-Sunday Noon-Close***

The coffee that Baja Coffee Co. serves is fair trade organic and oh so delicious! Aside from a wonderful cup of coffee, I was also able to sample some of their most popular breakfast items; a spinach, cheddar & herb crustless quiche, a cinnamon roll with homemade buttercream frosting, and a berry acai bowl. (Share your Baja Coffee photos and hashtag #BrewWithAView).

***Tip: Grab an acai bowl to-go and take it across the street to Little Island Park for breakfast on the beach!***

As if the coffee & breakfast wasn't already awesome enough to make you want to keep going back to Baja Coffee Co., they also use paper straws and disposables that are almost completely biodegradable! I love supporting a company that wants to help keep our ocean life happy and healthy. With their coffee grounds & adorable mugs for sale, you can also take a little piece of Baja Coffee Co. home with you!

I was lucky enough to meet the amazing owners of Baja Coffee Co., Bill & Anne Gassett, and they truly are the heart and soul of this amazing coffee shop. It is no wonder that this place serves up such a positive atmosphere every day to accompany the tasty food!

If you are lucky enough to be staying with us across the street at The Sanctuary, or in any of our south end homes, you will most likely find yourself walking to Baja Coffee Co. for a wonderful breakfast and cup of coffee more than once during your trip to Sandbridge!

Baja Coffee Co.



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Photos: Jasmine Ambrosio (Instagram: @jasmineambrosio)

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