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18 Oct 2019
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Day Trips

Sandbridge is so beautiful and peaceful, and while there are plenty of activities to do right here in the neighborhood, it is always refreshing to take a little day trip during your vacation! Today's day trip is just a 10 minute drive over to our next door neighbor, Pungo. This makes for a super flexible day trip that you could make an entire day out of, or just spend a few hours out and then head back to the beach for some more relaxation.

Bee & the Biscuit for Breakfast

I recommend starting your day at Bee & the Biscuit! They have such a wide range of amazing breakfast & lunch options, as well as some fantastic latte flavors. I would be sure to order the Cinnamon Toast Crunch latte (pictured above, left)... because, let's be real, everyone loves Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Their biscuits are also to-die-for, which is a given considering the word biscuit is in their name. Bee & the Biscuit is open year round Tuesday-Sunday 7am-2pm! ***TIP*** Fall and winter are the best seasons to visit due to shorter wait times. However, if you go during the summer, it is totally worth the wait!

Next stop, The Military Aviation Museum!

Located in the heart of Pungo (1341 Princess Anne Road Virginia Beach, VA 23457), The Military Aviation Museum is home to one of the largest private collections of WWI & WWII era military aircraft in the world. Many of the planes in their fleet are still flight worthy and can be seen flying around the museum/surrounding Pungo area for demonstrations. If you're up for it, you can also schedule an aircraft ride! The flight season runs from April 6-October 27, and the rides range from $175-$375 depending on the aircraft type and length of flight.

This is a self-guided museum, but there are plenty of activities for the whole family! They have 4 hangars, a fighter factory, and the Goxhill Tower that make up the aircraft showcase. The museum can also be rented out as a venue for weddings and other special events! They host several events of their own as well; some of which include classic auto shows and several walks & runs to benefit different causes.

If you are traveling with the kids, be sure to check out "Jurassic Park", which is located near the entrance to the museum off of Princess Anne Road. The kids will be able to solve a dinosaur puzzle and claim a prize at the end of the visit!

Our final stop on today's day trip: Blue Pete's!

I hope you're hungry after all that walking at the museum because it's time for a delicious dinner! Blue Pete's is somewhat of a hidden gem in Virginia Beach because it is off the beaten path, but those who visit will definitely keep returning. The restaurant is right on the bay with gorgeous views that complement the amazing food just perfectly. There is surely something on their menu for everyone, but seafood is the main event around here. This is truly the best spot for dinner in Pungo to end your mini day trip away from Sandbridge!

Now it's time to head back to the beach for some rest & relaxation. Stay tuned for our next day trip outside of Sandbridge, coming soon!

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