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Travel Tips
Posted by Sandbridge Realty | Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Vacation season has been upon us for a couple months. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your vacation.

Leave the linens at home

There is no need to lug around pillows, blankets, beach towels, etc. on your Sandbridge Vacation. Sandbridge Realty offers the linen package on all our vaction rentals. Click here to see what is included.

Purchase the early check in

Purchasing early check in during the summer time is highly recommended. Early check in is a fee of $110 + tax and allows guests to pick up keys at 1pm as opposed to 4pm. Not all properties offer early check in so please check the description or ask a reservations agent. Since the vast majority of guests opt to check in at 4pm, early check in will allow you to skip the line and get a head start on your vacation.

Purchase the travel insurance

Sandbridge Realty recommends CSA Travel Protection to all guests. Many guests think of the travel insurance as an extra expense but you won't know how valuable it is until you have to use it. CSA Travel Protection will you protect your family and yourself from expenses incurred due to illness, injuries, weather, loss of job and other unforseen circumstances. The cost is 6.9% of the total rent. If a guest cancels and did not purchase the travel insurance, they are responsible for the rental cost no matter the reason for cancellation. CSA Travel Protection is your only lifeline.

Check what amenities are included

Packing for a vacation can be a hassle. Guests are advised to read the description of the property they booked so that they do not have to bring any unnecessary items. For example, some owners provide beach chairs, umbrellas, bikes, kayaks, etc. If a property doesn't list a certain item, it may be easier to rent rather than bringing those items from home. Ocean Rentals will be more than happy to assist with rentals of beach and adventure equipment such as bikes, surfboards, etc.

Travel Tips

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