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Reasons to Visit Sandbridge in the fall
Posted by Sandbridge Realty | Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Summer has officially come to a close and fall is here. Don't fret because that doesn't mean beach season is over. There are many advantages of taking a beach vacation in the fall.

Less Crowds

As Labor Day passes, the kids find themselves back in school and the crowd in Sandbridge dwindles. You will feel as though you have the beach all to yourself.

Free Parking

Another perk of visiting Sandbridge in the fall is free parking. After Labor Day, municipal lots in Sandbridge are free and open to the public.

Cooler Weather

Virginia Beach is known to have sweltering heat in the summer. Take advantage of the cool fall temps.

Off Season Rates

The rates are lower and there is more selection after summer. A fall beach vacation will defintely give you more bang for your buck.

Local Farmers

Pungo is located just adjacent to Sandbridge. Pungo has 15 "you-pick-it" farms. Fall season brings harvests of apples, figs, squash, and sweet potatoes. New Earth Farm is just one of the farmers markets in the area. They offer a Food Lab where you can learn to do things such as make your own kombucha and cheese, or take a cooking class.


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