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19 Jun 2019
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Outdoor Activities
Photos: Jasmine Ambrosio & Haley Forcier

When vacationing in Sandbridge, one of the main questions from guests is “what kind of activities can I do while on my trip?” Kayaking in Back Bay is almost always my first answer because it is part of what makes Sandbridge so unique! You can access Back Bay on kayaks via one of Sandbridge Realty’s amazing Bay homes, or you can launch from right behind Surf & Adventure!

The Surf & Adventure staff is so accommodating and will make sure that you have everything you will need on your adventure through the Back Bay waters. I had been kayaking previously, but not in Back Bay, so it was very reassuring that the S&A staff gave us a map of the waterways & tips on when to turn back if it gets too windy.

*Tip* - the map is your to keep, so be sure to use it when launching from any of our vacation rentals as well!

Even with a bit of wind, it was a beautiful day out on the bay. My friend and I opted for a 2-person kayak since she hadn’t been before, and we figured it would be easier to maneuver since it was a tad windy out that day. This definitely made things easier & there was ample space for all of our belongings that we wanted to bring (camera, snacks, bug spray, sunscreen, etc). We didn’t even need the bug spray that day! However, I would still recommend bringing it since most of the waterway leading to the open bay is surrounded by beautiful trees.

*Tip* - Launch your kayak from behind your vacation rental on the bay, kayak down to the S&A dock, grab a taco from Bandido's truck a few doors down, then cruise back home!

It will be hard not to be taken aback by all of the beauty that surrounds you on your kayak cruise through the tree tunnels! Don't be surprised if you happen to see some critters on your trip as well – but don’t worry they are all harmless and much more scared of you than you are of them. My friend & I were out on the water for about an hour & we saw several different species of fish and a handful of turtles!

I would highly recommend making a day out of kayaking so that you can explore as much of Back Bay as possible! Surf & Adventure allows you to rent kayaks for daily or weekly rates so that you can adventure from your Sandbridge Realty vacation home during any down time you may have during your trip. They also schedule different guided tours, including a tour through Back Bay to Blue Pete’s for an amazing dinner! The next time you are in the Sandbridge area, be sure to visit Surf & Adventure & get your kayak on!

Photo: Jasmine Ambrosio

Blog Post Written By: Jasmine Ambrosio

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Photos: Haley Forcier ( | Instagram: @hales4ca) & Jasmine Ambrosio (Instagram: @jasmineambrosio)