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14 Aug 2019
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Dining & Shopping

Half the fun of a vacation is getting to "do as the locals do", and what better way to do that than to shop for locally harvested produce and freshly caught seafood? While there aren't any produce stands or shops right in Sandbridge, there are several on the way into Sandbridge and in Pungo (which is Sandbridge's very close next door neighbor).

Pungo is the "countryside" of Virginia Beach that stretches for miles and is home to multiple farms and other local businesses. Many of the restaurants in the city of Virginia Beach (not just in the Sandbridge area) use the produce from these farms to create their seasonal dishes.

Cullipher Farm

Let's start with Cullipher Farm! This awesome spot is located about 5.3 miles from our office in Sandbridge.

Their fruits & veggies are to-die-for, and they are surrounded by so much Pungo beauty! Summertime is the best time around here when the flowers are in full bloom and the trees are at their greenest.

I couldn't let myself leave without a jar of their strawberry preserves, which is something you can take home to enjoy as well!

The Flip Flop Farmer!

This business has two locations close to Sandbridge! Their stand is off of New Bridge Road (2.9 miles from our office on Sandbridge Rd) & has a great selection of fruits and vegetables.

Their store location is at 1166 Culver Lane (6.4 miles from our office), and also has tons of produce as well as sandwich spreads, plants for sale, and more!


Cromwell's Produce is located at 3116 New Bridge Road (3.1 miles from our office), and they are surrounded by so much farmland, it is absolutely beautiful.

The family and staff at Cromwell's are all so friendly and helpful! Not only do they sell their produce at their New Bridge Road location, but they supply some of Virginia Beach's awesome restaurants such as Red Head Bay Cafe, Commune, Esoteric, and more.

Baybreeze Farms

If you have ever been to Sandbridge Beach, you have driven by Baybreeze Farms. They are located at 1136 Sandbridge Road (1.3 miles from our office). This farm stand has all of the fruits and veggies you will need while you're staying with us, plus more! They sell produce, Virginia peanuts, spreads, plants, home decor, & knick-knacks. I definitely snagged a bag of the VA peanuts...

They also have a great photo-op during the spring and summer months while their flower field is in full bloom! You know the kids will want to get all of those shots for Instagram!

We're at the beach, so we obviously have to talk about the local seafood next!

Bonney's & Son's

Our first seafood stop is Bonney & Son's! Their store is located on Indian River Road about 4.7 miles from our office. They have a killer selection of crabs to choose from for the perfect seafood dinner with your family.


They are located at 897 Sandbridge Road, which is conveniently just down the street from our office (0.8 miles)! I was able to meet one of the gentlemen that owns the family-operated seafood business, and he was so friendly and informative!

They have a large variety of seafood to choose from and their products vary depending on the season. Even if you do not end up purchasing anything, the gentlemen that run the business are such a joy to talk to that it is definitely worth a trip!

To sum it all up: the mom and pop produce shops are where it's at when vacationing with us here in Sandbridge!

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Written By: Jasmine Ambrosio

Photos By: Jasmine Ambrosio (IG: @jasmineambrosio)